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Ash and Gold

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Lydia R. Outland
Hello All...

     Lydia R. Outland graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. Because of her struggle with significant dyslexia, it was not until high school that the endless universe of books was truly opened up to her. She was finally able to recognize the sheer magic of books and it is her dream to open that world to another person, even just one other.

     Lydia is active in animal disaster rescue and lives in Amador County, California with her family and numerous animals (including Barney, the fluffy boy in the picture).

     She is also the proud little sister to two amazing older brothers who inspire her daily, a daughter to a father who pushes her to fight for what she wants, and daughter to a mother who is not only the anchor of her life, but one of her best friends.

      Welcome to Lydia's imagination. She hopes you enjoy your stay.

My Books

     It begins in flickering shadow beneath a canopy of trees, when the life of a king is saved. A chance encounter with a mysterious defender not only spares his life but sets in motion a chain of events that will forever alter a kingdom. Forever alter a world. All beginning with her

     Kyana Castway is the strangest of women with a stranger past and savage streak. Consumed by loss and grief, Kyana has hidden for years from a world she hates. A world of bloodshed, wars, and conflicting histories. A world where dragons brought magic and because of this, were slaughtered. Where practicing devotion to those long-dead beasts (known across the realms as being a Faithful) is punishable by banishment or even death. A world that inevitably found her. 

     Kyana keeps many secrets from those who now owe her their lives, but could an unexpected affection force her secrets into the light?

The Strangest Woman full cover (Ready -
My Books

Where To Buy:

50% of author profits for Lydia's first book, The Strangest Woman, will be donated to Food For The Poor

"With a hint of romance, a gripping storyline, and edge-of-the-seat action, The Strangest Woman by Lydia R. Outland has all the right ingredients to be a bestseller."

     -  Reviewed by Ankita Shukla for Readers' Favorite

“The Strangest Woman is a beautiful and timeless fantasy novel authored by Lydia R. Outland. Featuring outstanding characters and a thoroughly fleshed out world, Outland tells a melancholy tale filled with folklore, fear, hope, secrets, and best of all, dragons.”

     - Indies Today

“The Strangest Woman presents a great adventure story for avid fans of epic fantasy and a great start to what is sure to be a spellbinding series.”

     - Literary Titan

Ash and Gold full cover - finished - front.jpg

     Briar "Buggy" Pierce is going insane. At least, that's what she thinks.

     Ripped from her normal life in sleepy Marshall County, California, Buggy fights for control over her mind as a darkness awakens within her heart and splinters her reality. Nightmares fill her dreams with fear and pain. Dreams of evil deaths. Drowning in darkness. Burning alive. But those are the least of her terrors.

     An intense power is building inside Buggy, a power she does not understand or know how to control. Just when things cannot get any worse, two mysterious strangers bulldoze into her life, scattering her already weak hold on everything she believes to be true. They show her a world full of psychic cults and dark promises.

     They say they want to help her, but can she trust them? And even if they can help her, is there enough time?

     Or is it already too late?

Where to Buy:

“I absolutely loved the descriptive details of the environments, violent scenes, and emotions displayed. I struggle to compare Ash and Gold to other works because I have truly not read anything like it. A literary masterpiece." 

     - Readers' Favorite

“This is a spellbinding occult fiction story that will appeal to readers looking for a cerebral and haunting novel.    

     - Literary Titan


Thank you to:


My wonderful family who support me like crazy.             

BlackRoseWriting - for taking a chance on a Dyslexic girl with the dream of writing.                     -

  • Reagan Rothe - for offering me my first contract.

  • Christopher Miller - for his assistance with all of my media questions.

  • David King - for perfecting my book cover.

  • And all the rest of the BlackRoseWriting family

BetiBup33 Design Studio - for designing my amazing cover art.   

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